Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Moose Is Loose

Mrs. Crosscheck and I went camping near Revelstoke BC, about 1.5 hours from our place to look for the elusive moose.

Camped on Revelstoke lake which is a dammed section of the Columbia river. Had the place to ourselves.

Nice view from our chairs.Getting cool. Great to have the fire and a few adult beverages

Woke up next morning to cool foggy weather, perfect for moose

Headed up the mountain to a trail head for Frizzbie Ridge a mountainbike/hike area in summer and sledding in winter

Valley still in fog

Hit snow and we are on to some tracks

Ruudie, the great Canadian moose dog is on the scent

The day is starting to get better.Snows getting deeper but Mrs Crosscheck keeps going

Fresh tracks

Yup, the biggest member of the deer family.Crosscheck trying to match Mr Mooses long stride.

Ruudie says,"He's just around the corner."

Well, looks like no moose tonight. Maybe KD.

This is big snow country and these poles are to guide sledders when there are white outs. Course these markers would be at eye level in the winter. Valley fog has gone showing the Columbia river valley.

Looking accross to Revelstoke ski area.

What is that grunting noise? So I give my lovesick cow moose call and....Look who has been following us the whole time. And he looks frisky.

He wanted to go inside the Outfitter and make whoopy.

After telling him he was not my type, he moved on
Note: No moose were harmed in the production of this trip report.

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