Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Masters World Cup, Klosters, Switzerland 2017

Group of cross country skiiers from Canada, mostly from BC travelled to Klosters , Switzerland for the MWC 2017. This is a yearly event where althletes between the age of 30-85 years old compete in 5 year age groups skiing distances of 10km, 15km, 30km, 45km and relays in both the classic and skate technique. Conditions for the most part were rainy and wet.

Pat and Sheila(from Canmore AB.) They did some training together in the months before the competition.

Pat receives a gold medal in the 10km classic event. She would also receive silver in the 30km classic, silver in the relay and silver in the Engadine 30km skate marathon held in St. Moritz on the last day of competition..

A Finnish girl who placed second in the first 2 races passes Pat just after this was taken to win gold in the 30km classic event.

Sampling chocolate at a Swiss chocolat factory.

Most of the group that was part of the BC wax team.

You can tell by the fact that there is not any snow on the ground that they arte having a warm winter.

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